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At Bacchus Joy our goal is to be the leader in the delivery of craft spirits, by providing our customers and supplier partners with exceptional service and value. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethics in our business.

The strive for the utmost respect of our employees and to our families and the greater community. We pledge to understand and address the needs and expectations of our customers, employees and supplier partners in all facets of our business. 

Davis Valley Distillery

Nestled in the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwestern Virginia–just a bit more than a stone’s throw from the Kentucky border, we produce handcrafted fine American spirits.

Owen Cox

Virginia Mountain Gold

Virginia Mountain Gold is a noble and gentle spirit with unsurpassed character and supreme softness. It is handcrafted in small batches from a wheat-forward bourbon mash in the time-honored tradition of America’s great whiskeys. The secret is in the wheat.

Owen Cox

Mountain Maple

We blend a splash of pure Virginia mountain maple syrup with our fine handcrafted small batch bourbon mash whiskey. The result is a spicy and smoky taste and experience that’s like a sweet morning in a Virginia forest. You will it, share it and make it your own

Owen Cox

Heritage Bourbon

Owen Cox Heritage Bourbon is crafted with love and care from locally sourced ingredients. We achieve its intense, intriguing flavor and exceptional smoothness by honoring the heritage and traditions of America’s finest spirits – but with our own unique touch.

Samuel Franklin


Our wonderfully smooth and consistently complex Samuel Franklin whiskey is the result of our Solera aging process. Oak barrels in three vertical tiers are filled with whiskey. After one year, half of the contents of the bottom barrels are removed, bottled and replaced with aged whiskey from the barrels above, which are then topped off with half of the contents of the top barrels. New whiskey is added only to the top barrels. This cascading continues and only the oldest whiskey from the bottom barrels, or Solera, is bottled.

Appalachian Moon

Original Recipe

This here is the real thing. Just like Pappy used to make. Only this batch and every batch we make is guaranteed legal and certified. It might whiff a little dangerous and it may taste a mite sinful but the taxes are paid on this jar. So you can sip it guilt free.

Appalachian Moon

Strawberry Pie

Ever spend a night on Strawberry hill?
‘Nuff said!

Appalachian Moon

Apple Pie

“Come on over here and have a little apple pie, honey!” Now who’s gonna resist that kind of invitation. Nobody we reckon if it’s genuine Appalachian Moon Apple pie.

Appalachian Moon

Cherry Pie

Did you ever climb to the top of a cherry tree to devour the plumpest, ripest cherries? Whether you ever did or never did makes no difference. ‘Cause Appalachian Moon Cherry Pie will take you back or take you there!

Appalachian Moon

Apple Pie

A sunny moonshine? Yep! Sounds like a contradiction in terms but our Appalachian Moon Peach Pie bridges that stellar divide. Just makes you feel like a summer day in a warm, sunny mountain valley peach orchard.


Virginia Frost Vodka

Virginia Frost provides a smooth and rich vodka flavor, made from the finest locally-grown grains, using pure mountain spring water. There’s nothing that compares with winter’s first frost, this vodka strives to provide that feeling with every pour.

Hatfield Family 1865 Whisky

Hatfield Whiskey
90 Proof
Hatfield Whiskey
100 Proof
Hatfield Whiskey
125 Proof

Elk River Distillery

Located about 40 miles from the Natchez Trace, Elk River Distillery provides the finest development of American style whiskey most notably Kentucky Whiskey and Tennessee Whiskey.

Otter Rock Whiskey
80 Proof
Otter Rock Whiskey
90 Proof
Otter Rock
Natchez Trace

Moon Blackberry

The custom of mixing whiskey with sweet seasonal fruit is a longstanding Southern tradition. NATCHEZ TRACE MOON BLACKBERRY is our tribute to this popular Southern distilled spirits specialty and to the early thoroughfare through the wilderness which soon became known as the “Devil’s Backbone”.

Southern Nights

Solera Aged Whiskey 91 Proof

Easy drinking American style whiskey. Produced from a time-honored, old- world technique of blending whiskeys of different ages from one barrel to another over a period of years. The end result is consistently smooth and balanced.

Frosty Otter

American Style Single Malt Whiskey

"A Wee Bit of Bite" TM

Frosty otters love ice, and so do we. That is why we bottle our Appalachian style single malt at 45% ABV. It's "Frost Proof". When the time is right, put an Otter on ice, or a Solo cup of snow, if you prefer. Drink it neat with just a drop or two of water if you favor "a wee bit of bite".


Steamboat Whiskey


This finely crafted small batch Straight Bourbon Whiskey assures you of fair weather, calm seas, and smooth sailing with every outstanding sip.


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